Dri-Stor Help


Q: What is the Power Consumption of Dri-Stor Cabinets?

A: HEPA Fan Motor assembly draws about 1 Amp. A single Channel Purge Pump draws a little less than 5 Amps. (10 Amps for 16 & 20 capacity units). EndoTrack components draw 1 Amp. 

Q: How much heat do Dri-Stor Top- and Side-Mount Cabinets emit?

 A: The cabinets, as a closed system, do not generate heat (BTU’s). Individual components are estimated to be [fan 8.5 BTU/HR; Pumps 87.5 BTU/HR]. In bench testing, air input and output remained equal. 

Q: Does a Top- or Side-Mount Dri-Stor Cabinet make more noise?

A: NOISE – Both configurations are less than 54db (well below required Health & Safety noise level requirements). VIBRATION – Purge Pumps have rubber foot pads that aid in dampening any potential vibration. If any vibration is present it is minimal and has not been shown to transfer down into the Cabinet in Top-Mount models. 

Q: Is there any information or a study about whether or not the forced air has any deferential effects on ultra-thin lumens?

A: Per scope manufacturer IFU, Endoscopes cannot have more than 20 PSI down the channels (air or liquid). Dri-Stor Purge Pumps generate no more than 8 PSI in total. 

Q: What is the drying time for Tubing Sets if steam sterilization is used?

A: It is recommended that hospitals follow typical protocols for cycles of 270ºF at 4 minutes, with a drying time of 40 minutes (270/4/40). NOTE – The cleaning regimen or SOP for cleaning of Tube Drying Sets is at the discretion of the facility. 

Q: Is there a list of Scopes that have been validated for use in a Dri-Stor Cabinet?

A: No there is not a list of Scopes that has been validated for use in a Dri-Stor Cabinet. The OEM connectors that are used for tubing sets come from the respective Endoscope manufacturers, and used with their blessing. NOTE – To our knowledge, we are not aware of any Endoscope Cabinet that has a scope validation list. 

Q: Is there a battery back-up for a HEPA Fan and/or a Purge Pump?

A: To date, we have not been asked to provide UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system for these components, but it could be possible with an Accessory upgrade package. 

Q: Is there remote access to Dri-Stor Cabinets?

A: All Dri-Stor Cabinets have the infrastructure for this future capability (remote access). Development teams are working on this concept of connectivity. Cyber-security and having the proper server to support this feature are the main concerns and research topics to-date. 

Q: How often do I change the filters on my Dri-Stor Drying Cabinet?

A:There are several filters on your Dri-Stor Drying Cabinet that need occasional maintenance/replacement. We also offer maintenance plans for Dri-Stor to make maintenance as simple as possible. Contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Support Team at (800) 665-3760 for more information.

Filter Reference Guide is here: