The LogiQuip Approach

LogiQuip strives to provide our customers with turnkey solutions that maximize storage capacity, optimize supply chain processes, and can even deliver fully assembled products to your facility for quick and easy implementation. With a 360° holistic approach to inventory management, LogiQuip’s Sales Representatives, Services Team, and Logistics Team provide lasting solutions that can flex with your needs, ensuring Healthcare Professionals have the supplies they need when they need them.

Inventory Optimization

LogiQuip has always been an industry leader in optimizing space utilizing creative products. The Market Place is demanding additional value for the same or lower price. LogiQuip can now optimize the number of items that go into a space as well as make the process of getting them there more efficient!

Our approach combines predictive analytics with LEAN process re-engineering to:

LogiQuip’s Services Team uses a mix of innovative products, lean principles, and tried and true methods to optimize your supply chain.  Working with you to understand your current state and future goals, LogiQuip will provide turnkey solutions to enhance your inventory management.

Ongoing Inventory Management: We will work with you to ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Access and Recommend Process Improvements: Help to optimize storage space and increase efficiency.

Turnkey Solutions:  We offer all levels of service, from cart prebuilds to full supply placement where your supply location is ready for use with products on the shelves.

Delivery and Install

LogiQuip’s Logistics Team is dedicated to providing on-time delivery and efficient installation.   With three options ranging from Standard Delivery to White-Glove Installation where the product is factory assembled for quicker installation, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Option 1: Standard Delivery

LogiQuip works with you to coordinate the delivery of your order to ensure your materials handling staff is on-site to receive the delivery.

Option 2: Delivery and Installation

Our team will work with you to deliver, bring products to the right area of your facility and install to ensure that all of the products are working as intended.

Option 3: White-Glove Installation

Products will be shipped pre-assembled to specification so that the product arrives on-site, ready to use.  This eliminates trash from the job site and reduces downtime due to installation by up to two-thirds. 

LogiQuip Design Center

From design to quote to install, the LogiQuip® Design Center provides the tools needed to virtually design your storage space to your specification.  Our team will help measure, design, and draw your space to help optimize workflow.


Working collaboratively with one of our experienced Representatives, we will evaluate the available space and your storage needs to design an efficient space that maximizes storage density.


A quote will be generated directly from the final design, systematically pulling in only the products used in the approved plan.


We will install the products according to your unique blueprint so that your completed room matches your design plan with no surprises, giving you an optimized space that will be operational immediately.